I’m 3 months postpartum and have been getting myself back into some kind of work-out routine. I’m a runner at heart, it’s my true work-out passion. I had a bit of a rough pregnancy which meant that I had to stop running about two months in, so when I went out for my first post-pregnancy run I literally had not run in almost a year! I waited till I was 6-7 weeks postpartum and then put on my running shoes and started doing some run/walks. It was painful and honestly not pretty. My legs felt so heavy, I think I was running 15 minute miles at first! Add to that the fact that I was also pushing the jogging stroller and it was pretty brutal.

Now that it’s been several weeks since I started running more regularly, running has starting to come a bit easier. I’m still very slow but I’m faster than I was and I’m up to running 30 minutes with no walk breaks. It’s easy for me to be hard on myself and feel badly about how slow my runs are but I keep reminding myself that my body is pretty darn cool, and strong, considering that it has now carried a baby to full-term and gone through the birthing process. Plus, running gives me much-needed stress relief as a working mom juggling taking care of a baby, spending time with my husband and getting everything done at the office.

When did you start working-out after having a baby?



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