So, yesterday I blogged about my journey back to running after having a baby a few months ago. Today I just wanted to point out how different life is when you have kids. I decided I want to get back into doing some strength training and we have a great video called Cyclo-Core. It has body weight conditioning routines which I used before I got pregnant and really like. I couldn’t get it together in the morning to do the workout before work, which is what I typically do because the only time I have to workout without the baby is bright and early.

Since I was trying to get this workout in after work (and after picking up the baby at daycare) I had to try to do it with her. I set up the pack n’ play and put all sorts of fun toys in it to keep her amused. As soon as I started the video the baby started crying so I literally was doing squats standing next to the pack n’ play trying to console her. I was able to get through about 10-15 minutes of the workout but then her cries hit maximum level and I had to stop and figure out how to stop the crying.

Oh to be a mom. The only thing that calms the baby down at night is going for walks in the stroller so I literally took her upstairs, strapped her into the stroller and went off for a walk. Mind you, it was 5:30 PM so there were a lot of cars out and about. Once we started on our way I realized I was wearing a “wife-lover” (we do not use the term wife-beater in our house) that was almost totally see-through. I also had not brushed my hair so it was all sorts of crazy but I had to just laugh about it because there was NO way I was going to risk stopping to change and having her cries start-up again.

Have you ever found yourself in an embarrassing situation when taking care of a crying baby?

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