I have to admit, I don’t normally shop at consignment stores but I found a baby/kid specific one that is really terrific. It’s called Once Upon A Child and has several locations across CT (I went to Wethersfield). My baby has already outgrown some clothes and this store lets you bring in your used clothes in exchange for $$! The one thing to note, which I didn’t realize when I went to sell the clothes for the first time, is that you have to wait, sometimes several hours, until they tell you what your stuff is worth and dish out the money (and you MUST collect your $$ the same day).

SO – plan on staying in the area for a little while if you do this. It’s worth it though! I spent some time looking through the clothes racks and they literally have hundreds of long-sleeved onsies. Many still have the tags on! It was soooo great – I was able to find a bunch of them that are my style and they were… ONLY $2.50 each! I also scored a really cute hoodie, again for ONLY $2.50. I am sold. I will only be going there to buy clothes for the baby, at least till she’s older. She grows out of everything so fast and with the high cost of daycare we can really save some money by sticking with the consignment shop.

In addition to clothes they have toys, jumpers, baby carriers, high-chairs, pack n’ plays etc. You name it, they have it, and for way cheaper. This is definitely a place I LOVE!

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