Baby girl and I took a trip to the mall today for a stroll and we were approached by a woman from one of those kiosks in the center of the aisle. She was representing a children’s modeling agency and wanted to sign my daughter up to possibly be booked for print and TV ads.

Now usually I try to steer clear of these carts and the odd products they’re usually peddling (fake hair, anyone?) but I have to say this woman caught my attention and I stopped to hear what she had to say. I mean, what mom doesn’t think their child is the cutest-patootiest out there? And to be honest, the thought of a little extra cash coming in to put away for her future flashed through my head.

Still, I politely declined the woman’s offer to sign up for more information. I wondered if all I’d wind up with in the end was an inbox flooded with junk mail. This busy mom has zero time to sort through more crap (baby girl produces enough of that all on her own, thankyouverymuch).

Nevertheless, here I sit at home, still thinking about our afternoon encounter. Have any moms pursued this type of opportunity for their child? And if I were to, is the kiosk in the mall the wrong way to go about it?

I’d love to hear any experiences my fellow mommas might have. Until then, humor me while I daydream and superimpose my baby’s adorable mug on top of the logo on the baby food jar…

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