UPDATE: 1/19/12

It has been reported in the Washington Toxics Coalitions recent report, Hidden Hazards in the Nursery, that this product tested positive for toxic fire retardants that have been linked to cancer, hormone disruption, and nervous system harm.  I am sad and angry about this, and at this time can no longer endorse this product until they agree to take action and remove harmful chemicals from their products.   I will be glad to update this review when they do so, as I feel that safe co-sleeping is very important for moms and babies.

When Miles was born we had a king size bed and for the first 3 months he slept in a contoured changing pad in between hubby and I.  It was easier for midnight feedings and allowed us to co-sleep without the fear of rolling on him in the middle of the night and crush him.

When Ava was born, we were sleeping in a full size bed (yeah, not cool) and could not possibly fit all three if us in the bed.  A bassinet felt too far away, having to actually get up, cross the room and then put her back.  Plus, I liked the closeness of being able to reach over in the middle of the night to hold her hand or just simply look at her.

I had seen the Arms Reach Mini Co-Sleeper at Babies ‘R Us and decided to try it out.  It was about $150, but we had a 20% off coupon we could use, so we bought it. BEST MONEY SPENT ON A BABY ITEM!

The bassinet looks like a small Pack ‘n Play.  It has onge of its sides that folds down and slides up next to the bed at mattress level, essentially an extension of your bed.  The great thing about it was we still had our own space and she had hers, but she was right there.  Feedings were easier, I just sat up nursed and put her back next to me.  We could change her diaper right in there, there are even pockets to store those items you dont want to go looking for at 3am.

The best part is that I got more rest.  Even though she would whimper and I may wake, I didn’t actually get out of bed. I could look over, see she was ok, or just needed a pat on the tummy and go back to sleep!  Sometimes she just lost her binkie and I could retrieve that with my eyes closed, half asleep.

Also, the thing is great for travel.  Instead of having to pack up the big Pack ‘n Play with the hundred bars and plastic pieces that make the bassinet, you can just bring this along to Grandma’s.  I think they even make a convertible one that turns into a regular low playard if you want.  You’ll save money not having to get a bassinet AND a playard and space by only having one item.  Win, win, win for all!

Moms, if you are considering having baby in your room at all those first months GET THIS!  You will bond with baby, get a bit more rest, find it easier to night nurse, and save space and money!

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