Lills in her BOB stroller at the triathlon

I previously wrote about how much I love our BOB stroller. Well this weekend my hubby and I went to a sprint triathlon for women that was held in Farmington. My hubs works at a bike shop so his store had a tent and Lills and I decided to tag along. It’s the first sporting event I’ve taken her to (she’s 4 months old) and I saw more BOB strollers at that one event than I’ve seen since having her!!

Clearly the BOB stroller has a following. I’m not sure if it’s just us runners/triathletes/sporty folk, but it is really a great item loved by many. It can be pricy but it has shock absorption and rides really, really smooth which is perfect when your little one is taking a snooze and you keep going over those cracks in the sidewalk!

Oh, and so many people loved seeing the baby at the triathlon! I was asked if she’s a future triathlete and replied “I sure hope so!”

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