My little one was diagnosed with GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease) at around 3 months and let me just advise by 9 months it was gone – Thank the LORD!   It was the time in between it disappearing that was hard to get through and this baby product literally saved my husband and my sanity.   How can one little item help so much??? 

FISHER PRICE Newborn Rock ‘n Play Sleeper

Asleep in His Rock and play sleeper

     Well I know it worked for us and for many other babies that have been diagnosed with REFLUX and or GERD.  The Inclined position helps them tremendously and the coziness of the sleeper keeps them secure and relaxed!    I was so hesitant to purchase another thing for the baby – but many a sleepless night with a screaming projectile vomiting infant and you will just about purchase anything!  I was discussing the crying sleepless fog I was in and a woman from my office building was telling me how her grandson also had Gerd and her daughter bought this thing…she found out the name,  Fisher Price Rock and Play Sleeper, and 2 hours later I had it on hold at Babies R Us and picked it up on my way home from work. 

    I can not rave about this sleeper enough.  It’s Light      weight, so easily transportable and it stands on its own when you close it for ease in traveling to Grandmas or anywhere and it’s not just for sleeping –  they love sitting in it and hanging out.  The sleeper moves effortlessly from room to room and at nights was next to our bed until he was too big for it.   I tell everyone this is the one Baby shower gift moms should get hands down.   Our dog even approved of the new quietness and peace this one baby item brought to our house.  Okay, it’s not magical it won’t make it all vanish but it did help tremendously and Mom and Dad got some sleep and a baby who loved his new play and sleep rocker!

By: Joyofmotherhood


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