So Ava loves Elmo… I mean what kid doesn’t?  But the way she reacts to even a picture of Elmo resembles a tween who has just seen Justin Bieber (yeah, I’m in trouble).

Well, her stuffed Elmo met his maker in a gruesome attack by our dog, leaving him without a cute, fuzzy face.  Ava was not witness to the attack, so we can put off the therapy for a little while longer.

Nonetheless, she continues to look for him, “Elmo? Elmo? Elmo?” is the incessant question that goes on for most of the afternoon into evening.

We needed a replacement and fast. 

So, I have searched at least 4 stores, including the supermarket (sometimes you can find good toys there) for a stinking Elmo.  They have Elmos that talk, walk, rock, sing, dance, tickle, and giggle, even one that chatters (um, WTF?), but none that do nothing, none that you can simply hug and not be completely annoyed by after 2 minutes straight of creepy laughter.

So Cookie Monster is filling in for the moment while we wait for the one from Amazon to arrive.

What toys have you gone crazy looking for for your kids?

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