Growing up, my mother toted my brother and i to our local library at least once a week.  Whether it was for story time, checking out and returning books, or simply to sit in the fluffy bean bag chairs and read for the afternoon followed by a brown bag lunch.  There were no mini TVs or DVD players in the backseat of our family car (always a Buick), but there were always lots of books back there!  A stack of hard cover Golden Books or titles from the Berenstein Bears series always sat in between my brother and I.  On long road trips we would pop in books on tape cassettes often Sherlock Holmes tales.  Reading was always a part of my life, and i was quickly addicted to reading.  By the time i hit middle school i was all over the Babysitters Club series, and would get caught reading by flashlight wayyyy past my bedtime.  (cue nerd alert).  My reading kind of tapered off when i hit college- after reading and doing homework all day the last think i wanted to do was pick up a book, and you can forget about the novels during my three years of law school.  Reading was the last thing on my mind in my free time once my case books were closed!

Fast forward to today, where, for the past few years post-law school i have a stack of paperbacks on the side of my night stand about 2 feet high.  With a new baby at home i cannot help but to get all nostalgic and want to buy him all of my childhood favorites!  Jake’s bookshelf is already stocked with Dr. Seuss’ classics- Go Dog Go, Hop on Pop and several more i cannot even remember, the perennial favorite, The Hungry Hungry Caterpillar, and about 15 books by authors that have come around since 1983!  So you can imagine my surprise when i picked up Jake one day last week and found a Scholastic Book Club leaflet waiting there for me next to his daily bottle intake and nap times!!  I had such a difficult time choosing which books to buy for him, and almost as difficult was dealing with the fact that i knew only about one-third of the authors or titles in there!  I can’t wait for Jake to truly appreciate story time before bed, and picking out books for me and my husband to read to him.  I wonder just what he will choose!

What are some of your childhood favorites that i should add to Jake’s book list?

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