Ok, so to be totally honest I’m having a hard time having a positive body image about my post-birth body. It’s been 4 months since little Lills came into the world and I still can’t fit into most of my pre-pregnancy clothes. I know, I know, I should give myself time but it still really sucks. I use to go running 4-5 times a week (before baby) and now I haven’t gone running in 3 weeks or so. I feel so tired all the time between working full-time and taking care of my amazing little babe when I’m not “at work.”

I’m really feeling upset about this and could use some support from my fellow moms. I’m really uncomfortable at my current weight and I’m finding it a real challenge to fit in time to exercise. Ugh I hate that I’m upset about this, I know better! Every year I organize a Love Your Body 5K run/walk in West Hartford, I’ve spoken to many groups about body image and yet I still have my own personal struggle with it.

I will save this next full rant for another post but celebs really don’t make this any easier. Not a day goes by that I don’t see something about the latest celeb to lose all her baby weight in like 3 weeks. Really people? Really??

How do you feel about your post-birth body? How long did it take until you were back to feeling good?

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