Exciting news! I have now officially been appointed co-chair of the National Mothers and Caregivers Economic Rights Advisory Committee (part of National NOW). The Committee is tasked to work with the NOW National Board and officers to develop state-based and national strategies on issues surrounding the economic rights of U.S. mothers and caregivers, including online resources and action kits, talking points, programming ideas, media resources, and other materials. I’ll be working very closely with National NOW President Terry O’Neill, who is a terrific and dynamic advocate for women. I’m a little overwhelmed, I admit, considering all my other responsibilities but I am really excited to start organizing moms & caregivers on a national level!

As the site founder of www.ctworkingmoms.com, this will mean I can get the word out about our blog to even more people. I’ll make sure to keep you all in the loop about the Committee’s activities and share with you ways you can get involved in issues around economic rights for mothers and caregivers. Yay!

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