I love being a woman, I love everything about it from my curves, to being able to carry a child, maybe getting a free drink here or there over the years, the empowerment I have felt with being able to work but there is one thing that worries me with my impending motherhood.

I feel like I have seen a trend over the last 4-5 years when a lot of women around me have started to become mothers and the acceptance of being in the mommy hood club since I was knocked up.


Yup plain old, nasty, judgment. I always have felt that women need to band together more but it seems worse when it comes to mommy hood. I hear it all the time from some amazing women that this woman isn’t breastfeeding, is breastfeeding, should go natural, should have an epidural, how can she let her child act like that, etc.

I have even had friends who are not near motherhood ask what happened to their friends after they had children. Not that they are not friends anymore but have never heard as much negativity ever come out of their friends mouth before…and I started listening more and more and hate to say I have to agree.

These amazing women who have so much intelligence and charisma all of a sudden will complain about how other mothers are and their children are? I always felt like motherhood would be an understanding club where we would come together because the other sex could never understand how it is to grow life and give birth to it?

Am I doomed to be a judgey lady once I have baby Schunk? Why do you think this occurs mommies? Help me understand why a lot of women get sucked into this (as I say this I do understand not every woman in involved and that I am generalizing…) and how we can change this because I never EVER want to stop the love I have for being a woman.

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