I love a funny tee-shirt for my kids. Love it. Nate and Joshua have been known to sport the following:

  • Tax Deduction
  • Charm Courtesy of Daddy
  • Silent Night? I don’t think so! (1st Christmas, haha)
  • That’s It! I’m calling Grandma
  • My Uncle’s A Great Catch
  • Action Hero
  • Big Guy, Big Eater
  • I Do All My Own Stunts
…and probably lots more. Obviously, this humor is for the adults. Nate, at 3, doesn’t know or care that his shirt is funny. However, how far is too far? I’ve tried to steer clear of the “macho” boy stuff so far in favor of more neutral, cute, fun, kid stuff when it comes to everything toys, clothes, television shows, etc. I have plans, in fact, to make the boys matching hot pink shirts for Valentine’s Day this year that read “Tough Guys Wear Pink”.
However, you may have seen this article in the news Stop JC Penny and Forever 21 from putting more sexist clothing on their shelves!. It’s about shirts sold to young girls and tween/teen girls that openly and blatantly promote gender stereotyping. I’m reminded of a Barbie that was in the news maybe 10-15 years ago. She spoke a rotation of maybe 5 phrases, one of which was “Math is tough!”. Well, yes. Math is tough (at least for me). But what message are we sending? I know lots of girls who are math whizzes. Why not “Reading is fun!” or “I’m great at math!” or even just “I love my friends!”.
With Halloween on the horizon (how is it already that time!?), this issue is coming up again and again in my mind. I walked into a party supply store (Nate’s birthday is Saturday yay!) and was hit with a wave of superhero costumes with massive, impossible artificial foam muscles for the boys, and dainty French maid and princess costumes for the girls. Aren’t there girls who don’t want to wear tights on Halloween? I don’t know. All I know is I breathed a sigh of relief when Nate suggested our whole family, parents and two kids, all dress as a pumpkin family. Whew. Bullet dodged for this year at least!
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