Last Friday I walked into Jake’s daycare (aka “school”) to pick him up, and as I reached into his little mail slot to grab his daily report card of naptimes, bottles, and diapers, another sheet of paper was waiting for me.  It proudly announced that within the next two weeks Jake will be transitioning into the (dun dun dun) pre- toddler room! What!? Wait?! Huh?????  But he’s only 7 months old!  He’s just gotten into playing on his tummy and eating all sorts of fruits and veggies!  What do you mean my little precious little tiny baby is a pre-toddler!  I mean really, he just moved up into the size 3 Pampers!  “Yep! He’s ready!,”  announced his teacher.  She quickly followed with, “But we’re not ready to see him go into the other room.  He’s one of our best babies!” (*Shameless Proud Mom Plug).  You see, at Jake’s school, each room is designed for a specific age/developmental stage.  Jake began in the newborn room when he was 4 months old, but there are some newborns in there that are only 8 weeks old, too.  Once your baby is right around Jake’s age/stage, he moves into the pre-toddler room, then the toddler room, etc…etc… 

After I got over the shock that my precious little baby boy is not so itty bitty any more, I began to think about getting something nice for his teachers (Teachers- get it? He goes to school, so of course the Husband and i refer to Jake’s caregivers as teachers!).  We could not ask for a better place for Jake.  They truly love him at his school, they are vigilant about his care, eating habits, and if things seem off for a day, I always get a phone call.  Every morning that i drop Jake off, and every night that i pick him up he is full of smiles for his teachers, and can’t wait to play.  If asked, I’m sure Jake would agree, that Yes, a gift is definitely in order!

After thinking about it and looking at some catalogs, i decided on Vera Bradley lunch totes for all 4 of the girls.   They are kept busy with taking care of Jake and his friends, and i often see large Dunkin’ Donuts coffee cups on the counter, so I’m planning on throwing in a Dunkin’ gift card in there as well.  I think it is a great way of saying “Thanks for taking care of my little Spud!” (and putting up with this Momma’s incessant questions every time we hit a new milestone!  -i swear, those girls are experts!)  Oh, and the let’s do lunch totes are actually on sale right now, how convenient, right!?  (

Have you ever given gifts to your daycare providers?  I’m absolutely planning on Christmas gifts for them, so i will need some thoughts on that when the time comes, but what have you given or plan to give? 

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