I don’t know if this is true for everyone, but sometimes, it’s nice to have a night away from the kids now and again. Whether it’s a nice quite dinner with the spouse, grab a movie with girlfriends (including your fellow bloggers) or just be able to run errands without 2 kids in tow, we all occasionally need a little break.

This brings up the babysitting issue.

When I used to babysit, which I’d like to think wasn’t that long ago, I think I made between $2 – $4 per hour. Now, babysitters in certain unnamed parts of the state expect to make $10-$15 per hour! I don’t know about everyone else but if going out to dinner is going to cost me $50 before I even have a bite to eat, we are not swinging it.

The answer: babysitting swap. It’s FREE!

We have friends with 3 kids in the same age range as our boys. Once a month, we try to do a babysitting swap on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday night, B&S drop their boys off at our house and head out for hours of kid-free time. The next day, we drop our boys off at their house and go off gallivanting. Note: our kid-free time usually involves running errands rather than movies and nice dinners.

It hasn’t been as easy lately with T-ball, bridal showers, birthday parties, family gatherings, etc. But we’re becoming more creative with the swap. Sometimes, it can’t be two consecutive days, but maybe 2 consecutive Saturdays.

I will admit that the days that we have all 5 boys in our little condo for a few hours, it is exhausting. But, it’s been a great thing for us to really feel comfortable with who our boys are with, plus saving the $$.

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