Yes – I am still nursing my son!  Which is my answer to the question everyone seems to ask me recently. 

Why it is any of their business or why they are so concerned with my breasts and my sons nutritional intake of breast milk I have yet to figure out.   I have, however, realized it is also a big button pusher for many, many people and I do not want to or ever intended to push any buttons or make a stand in any way.   Who knew that nursing your child is such a hot button topic – I clearly had no idea until I gave birth 13 1/2 months ago.  That’s right my son turned one in August.   Now even my own mother, father and hubby seem to be jumping on the band wagon…. “well he is getting too old for it”  or “you’re going to have to stop sometime“, “he can point to and ask in his own way that should mean he is ready to stop”  Are you kidding me people???? – and to hear your dad ask and have a comment on it is still just weird to me.

   First of all I will note that my husband was my biggest supporter when I started and everyone was like “oh it will hurt”, or “you sure you want to do this”  and “you will need to pump when you go back to work” etc.    Listen I am in no way an all about the granola girl – I don’t even like to exercise, I eat fast food from time to time and am probably the last person you would think would still be breastfeeding / nursing her 13 1/2 month old son, But I am! and you know what, I am proud of me for that!!         I never set out to get here and that maybe why I am still here.  Okay let me back up – I delivered a baby boy a month early in a traumatic birth,  after a little help from the nurse and lactation consultant at the hospital little man was happily suckling and within 2 days my milk came in.  To me it was a blessing, we really could save on the expense of formula.  

 Goal for me was to make it 3 months, November came and went and before I knew it, we were  6 months in and I was already a pro being back at work since the baby was 6 weeks old and pumping.  New goal was then trying to make it to his first birthday, we did.    I must say as a personal goal for me this is the longest thing besides my marriage that I have stuck to in my life!!! – now I wish I could do the same for working out or losing weight (different topic).

My issue right now is why does everyone I seem to run into have the same question and then tell me I should stop?  Get off this moms boobs please.  I will say since my sons first birthday we, him &  I, have cut back in a natural weaning since he has now added whole milk to his sippy cup.  Now we only nurse in the morning when he wakes up, sometimes when I walk in the door from work and of course just before he goes to sleep for the night – occasionaly there is the middle of the night quick drink.  We are weaning on our schedule and I no longer pump at work, my body has just adapted to the new schedule and I am grateful for that.  I do know many women can’t – that is not the issue here.   The issue is why does everyone think its so wrong for me to be still nursing my 13 1/2 month old?

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