Month: October 2011

And the Winner Is…

Our freebie friday winner this week is… MARIE! Congrats! Please shoot Dena an email ( with your address and she’ll make sure you get your prize as soon as possible.  Check back tomorrow because it’s Talk to Us Tuesday and we’ll be doing another...

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Magical Mondays

Hi, I’m Kate Street and I’m so happy to be joining “CT Working Moms” for Magical Mondays! It’s an interesting day to be starting this role for a couple of reasons: firstly, most of CT is out of power due to that freak October snow-storm so most probably won’t even read this for a few days, and secondly…I’m not feeling all that magical right now! I’m the “Sparkle Fairy“ and have been writing a daily on-line gratitude list for over 2 years now…but listing daily magic does not mean that my life is wonderful all the time. Sometimes living with three small children is like living in a foreign land where I’m just trying to understand the language ~ and honestly right now I have NO IDEA what my three-year-old is saying, other than “NO” and “I’M NOT GONNA” and every other frustrating thing imaginable! And to be even more frank (and to risk judgment in my very first post!) I’ve yelled a little more than I’m comfortable with in the last 24 hours. BUT the whole point of a daily gratitude list is to bring focus to the GOOD things in our lives. I’ve always believed that by focusing on the GOOD, I’ll bring more good into my life. So in light of that, I’m going to list at least 10 things I LOVE about my three-year-old. It...

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DIY Halloween Nail Art!

This weekend we will be taking Jake to his first Halloween pumpkin carving party.  While all of the kiddos will be in their Halloween costumes for the festivities, the parents usually skip the costumes.  All I know is that I’ll be wrangling Jake trying to get him into his costume (a Lobster) and try to make him stay comfortably in it throughout the party, (it has a head piece with googly eyes and lobster tentacle things) so a costume for moi, would just not work.  Enter my friend to the rescue!  She was looking around online and found this amazing DIY tutorial for painting your very own candy corn nails! Follow the link to find step-by-step instructions to create your own Halloween...

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My Growing Affection for Small Appliances

Before becoming a mother I remember the types of gifts that I would look forward to on special occasions; a nice piece of jewelry, a new cashmere sweater, a bottle of prosecco, or tickets to a show. Don’t get me wrong, I still love receiving these types of gifts on special occasions. A new, cozy cashmere sweater would be ideal on this cold and rainy fall day. But alas, my priorities have changed, and two daughters later I find myself dreaming about a cadre of various small appliances that help make my life easier. Some of my all time favorite small appliances include: the Beaba Babycook, the baby bottle sanitizer, the pink crane cool steam humidifier, the honeywell turbo force floor fan, the old fashioned crock pot, and an IPod docking station (to play relaxing music when the girls are sleeping).  To this ever expanding list I must add the Black and Decker Dustbuster 15.6v.  This amazing little contraption has made my life easier, and has made meal time clean-up a snap. Before my wonderful husband surprised me with this purchase, I found myself lugging our vacuum cleaner in and out of the closet after each and every meal. My three year old has more or less mastered eating in a big girl chair at the kitchen table. However, my sixteen month old has not. My youngest daughter stayed in her highchair for a...

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