So, our little girl is approaching 5 months of age and recently became a professional at rolling over. Well, let me clarify. She’s a pro at rolling over from her back to her tummy but hasn’t figured out how to flip back over. She loves rolling around so much that when you put her on the floor to play or in her crib for bed she immediately starts rolling around and making all sorts of crazy noises.

It’s so cute to watch and I’m thrilled she’s hit this milestone but it did have an effect I wasn’t anticipating, hence the title of my post! She now rolls over on her tummy to sleep at night but then wakes up because she can’t flip back over and gets frustrated! She’s been sleeping pretty well at night until this and now I find myself struggling through sleep deprivation once again. Has anyone else experienced this? What did you do – go in and just keep turning the baby back over on his/her back or just let them sleep on their tummy even if they’re making crazy sounds?

We’re experimenting with both approaches although I’m inclined to say that letting her stay on her tummy seems to be our best approach. Gosh, parenting really doesn’t come with an instruction manual! Leave me a comment with your advice.

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