How do you make other Mom friends?

What I feel like I am missing out on.

   Okay so I didn’t grow up here in CT – originally a Jersey Girl – without the ton of makeup & and no Jersey shore gal here. I have lived in CT for a couple of years and work in an office with 4 other women who are all closer to retirement then me, so we don’t get together after work and they dont have kids.  Our paths are at different intersections so to speak, they are great to talk to, but I do miss having a close friend going through the same things as me.

I am finding it near impossible to make friends with other women my age and with a baby (children) around my sons age (almost 14 months).  Looking for a Mom Friend, someone to hang out with share what is going on in our lives, our childrens lives.  I so miss the girl chat, get togethers and someone to bounce ideas off of or just grab a coffee and vent over the new diaper cream that isn’t doing what the box said it would as fast as it claimed – well you get the idea.   I also feel like I am missing out on the Mommy & Me groups that all meet days during the work week, since they all seem to meet at 10am on a tuesday, hey I work full time, drive an hour each way to the office so by the time I walk in the door at night it is a little after 6pm.   I am feeling like the older we get the harder it is to make friends – again it may just be that my circle to choose from is very limited at the moment and besides changing jobs or hanging out at a mommy group,any ideas?

Back to the question at hand – How do you make New Mom friends?

I miss my NJ Friends!

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