At 4.5 months old, my baby girl is just starting to really be able to play. She reaches for things now (often fistfulls of my hair – ouch!), actually enjoys tummy time, and can hold her head up and even sit supported for extended periods of time.

During those first few months, I struggled with what play time should look like for Nora. I quickly learned that simple interaction was stimulating enough for her, but sometimes you just run out of ways to keep them engaged.

Thank goodness for the internet! I found a couple great websites that helped – and still do – fill the gaps in our days and give us activities to look forward to. Here are my favorites:

Productive Parenting- This site suggests activities for your child based on their age. You can even have an activity a day sent right to your inbox – so easy! I look forward to my personalized email every morning and usually try the suggested activity sometime that day. One good suggestion was to play with your child’s sense of smell by simply holding various spice jars up to their nose to expose them to different scents. We focus so much on sight and sound with our little ones, it’s easy to forget to help develop this sense, too!

Suggested activities range from Early Infant to Late Four-Year-Old. You can even browse by Activity Categories like “Exploring our World” or “Science Adventures” or search for an activity based on skills learned, like “Rhythm Exploration,” “Visual Tracking” or “Body Awareness.”

Rookie Moms – Another site that breaks down activities by age and will send you ideas by email, but monthly.

Suggested activities range from One Month to PreSchooler.

My favorite activities from the 1 to 3 month old category?

Want more? Check out their 25 Activities to Try During Your Maternity Leave or read their book.

Martha Stewart – Finally, get your Martha on with crafts for kids. My girl isn’t old enough for these yet but that hasn’t stopped me from printing out countless pages of crafts to save for when she’s older. Like the other sites, you can also sign up to get a daily craft sent straight to your inbox. Be sure to check out these nature crafts!


Use these sites to try something new with your kids this weekend. Then, come back and tell us what you did! Have fun!

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