Some background:

Nate, our first son who is now 3, was a terrible sleeper. He didn’t sleep through the night for a very long time, and didn’t really start sleeping soundly until he moved into his toddler bed at 20 months. He’s fine, now, but it’s been a long road.

Joshua, our 5 month old, has gone in cycles of sleeping well (only one or two wake-ups) and sleeping terribly. We have previously been huge fans of the Dr. Sears book series, and have always responded promptly when either of them wakes up. I am nursing Joshua, and I have been letting him nurse a few times a night when he awakens.

The problem:

Joshua has been waking constantly. I mean constantly.  He was literally up every 45 minutes last night. We have started feeding him solids, and he eats quite well, so I doubt he really needs to eat every 45 minutes. He is definitely teething (poor little red gums and drooling!) and his bottom teeth are nearly through. (We thought they were in, but they’re still just under the surface). We gave him Tylenol last night and again tonight in case teething pain is the issue, but it hasn’t seemed to help.

The question:

Should we let him cry it out? We tried with Nate when he was this age with no success. He cried for hours, off and on, night after night, and finally decided we’d made a mistake and went back to our more sensitive (but unbearably exhausting!) method of responding to every waking. Is it worth a shot with Joshua? Has anyone had success with CIO? Any negative experiences? Any tips??? Details…pleaaaaaase???

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