I am convinced that pregnancy is made so miserable toward the end that you do not care at all about labor and the pain. I have 1 week and 3 days left if I go before my due date (fingers cossed ladies) and all I can say is “COME ON LITTLE ON! MOMMY WANTS HER PELVIC BONE BACK!”

Since this is a working mommy blog can I also apoligize to my boss for being completely checked out. I spend more time overcoming my pain and waddling than being effective.

With that being said do you think having different sex boss affects how you feel about your pregnancy? I have a male boss who is very type A and over the top sometimes. Usually I like this, but during the pregnancy I feel like his concern is fake, more like “I have to be compliant and HR correct” than really understanding.

Or maybe It is in my head?? I sometimes project what I think people are feeling? So I ask my fellow mommies did you feel more understanding with a male or female boss?

P.S. Had my first major meltdown over a stretchmark…yup that right. I let me hormones and vanity get to me. More on that later.

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