Over the weekend two of our bloggers (myself & Dena) got together for our very first working-mom “date night!” We went and saw The Help and had a really great time. It was nice being out with a girlfriend and just relaxing. I personally hadn’t been to the movies since before I was pregnant (couldn’t sit through a movie when I was pregnant without having to go to the bathroom a million times). While part of me really missed my hubby and baby, another part of me was really happy to be expanding a friendship and seeing a really inspiring film.

I know Dena enjoyed the movie as well and we both decided that our next work-mom “date night” will be to go see the new Twilight movie Break Dawn part 1 when it comes out in late November. Come indulge in this guilty pleasure with us! Hopefully we’ll get to see more of you then. Will post a date once we get closer!

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