We have two young children (under 5) but we have several older/teenage children in our lives that we are very aware of the long road ahead.

Kids can be brutal to each other and I really think it’s gotten much worse than when we were in school.

Parents struggle between wanting to protect their children to the ends of the earth while also needing to give them some independence and coping skills. The hardest thing for a parent is to see their child hurting.

We will never be the perfect parents who have all the answers. But I believe that we can do everything we can to have an open line of communication with our children. As they get older, they may not always be honest with us and they will not tell us everything that they do, but we can always have an open door when they need us.

I just came across this article on cnn.com.

I think it’s very relevant and even if you don’t agree with everything, I think it’s important to realize that bullying happens and we won’t always be there to prevent our child from ever being a victim.

There are things I want my boys to become.

I want them to feel enough self worth to not let a bully always have the upper hand but enough modesty to know that they are also imperfect.

I want my sons to have enough compassion to never bully anyone else and to not turn a blind eye when someone else is getting bullied.

I want them to have hope and compassion while also having strength and courage.

And despite how busy I am trying to keep all the work/life balls in the air, I want to do everything I can to always have the time for talking with my boys.

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