With cooler nights and cold mornings, little feet need to stay warm.

These are fabulous slippers! Check them out at www.llbean.com Our family has purchased every animal design in an array of sizes. My oldest daughter started out with the yellow dog slippers in size 3-4. We purchased them for her before she turned one and she wore them so frequently they needed to be retired by the time warmer weather came around. These slippers have great traction, and are easy to pull off and on. They have a stretchy elastic band around the ankle, which provides comfort and keeps them in place. These slippers are only $19.95 and L.L. Bean is currently offering free shipping.

When my oldest daughter was first learning to walk she wore these and didn’t stumble, trip or slide. We have even been known to wear them out for a quick errand, or down the driveway to pick up the mail.

My younger daughter recently inherited the brown bear slippers in size 7-8 and she loves them! She usually asks to put them on the second that we get home from school.

This past week I came home from work, walked into the toy room, hung up backpacks and coats, and looked for the girls’ slippers. I couldn’t find them anywhere! I called my husband to ask him if maybe they were in his car (note the comment about running errands with slippers, above). He had no idea where they were. I searched through the toy room, unloaded all the toy bins, looked upstairs and under the bed. I could not find them ANYWHERE!

When my husband came home from work he started to look through the clothes bins and in some of the classic hiding places: the toy refrigerator, the trunk of the Elmo car, and down the cat door leading to the basement; nothing.  I was beginning to think that we had been burgled by a slipper thief.  After dinner my husband decided to flip on the evening news. He went to grab the remote out of the media console, and when he opened the drawer, he found two little brown bear and two little moose slippers stashed inside the drawer.  When we asked my oldest daughter how the slippers got into the drawer she pointed to our younger daughter. When we asked our younger daughter, she pointed to her baby doll. We will never know for sure who hid the slippers, but we certainly are glad to have found them. We would not have been able to make it through the cold weather without them.

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