Last night as I was walking around my neighborhood with Lills in my new Ergo baby carrier (I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!) I realized just how often I sing her songs. I also realized how ridiculous some of my songs are, considering I tend to take random mainstream songs and change the words for her. You know you’ve done this too! Here are a few of mine…

My most favorite song I sing to her is:

“Just a Friend”

I change the chorus to: Lills, you’ve got what I neeeed. You are oh oh so cute, yes you are oh oh so cute, Hey little Lillssssssssss… and repeat.

I also change this one:

“Karma Chameleon”

I change the chorus to: Lillsy, lillsy, lillsy, lillsy, lillsy, lillsy, lillsyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (Her name is Lillian)

I will admit, I have even changed the words to “Baby Got Back.” I may have to reconsider my song choices when she can actually understand what I’m saying!

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