I’ve never been one to nap while my son naps, even when he was first born there has  always been something to do–laundry, decorating, a good tv show, a good book.  But ever since I’ve gotten pregnant (13 weeks!), I cannot wait for nap time.   My son is keeping me pretty active this pregnancy.  Chasing and carrying a 30+ pound 2 year old is quite a workout and extremely exhausting!

In addition to the workout Don creates for me, I’m also trying to be a lot more healthy this time around.  With my son, the minute I found out I was pregnant, I stopped all physical activity and began eating everything and anything chocolate.  This time, I’m into my second trimester and still able to run 3 times a week (3.5-4 miles) and lift weights (8 pounders).  I’m feeling pretty good and quite impressed that I am still able to keep up with my 2 year old son!  But man, nap time sure is nice!

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