I recently unpacked my pre-pregnancy clothes.

Joshua, our youngest, just turned 5 months old. I haven’t been dieting, but I have been trying to eat a healthy, balanced diet if for no other reason than I’m nursing and want to be sure I’m feeding my baby the best possible milk I can. I still have a good 10-15 pounds to lose before I’m at my “pre-Nate weight”, as I like to call it- the weight I was before getting pregnant with my first son in 2008. (My “pre-Nate weight” shouldn’t be confused with my “wedding weight”, which is still a good 20 pounds away…sigh.) I opened the Rubbermaid bins and eagerly pulled out the clothes, thrilled to retire the ugly “mom jeans” I’d bought for the awkward in between time and ready to try on my clothes and feel like my own person again. I was horrified that only one pair of pants buttoned. Horrified, furious, ashamed, and sad. Then I thought about it. I even briefly thought “If I weren’t nursing I could just start Slim-Fast, cut calories and not worry so much about artificial sweeteners and milk supply and just fit in my clothes again!!” selfishly.

I came across an amazing essay, oddly enough, written by Amy Bloom, a fabulous CT writer who happens to be the mother of a good friend I’ve known since elementary school. It changed my thinking about this subject. It’s worth a read by everyone, but especially moms.

Check it out here:

Dear Every Woman I Know, Including Me

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