This week, we’ll be giving away something that I personally LOVE and have at home for my little girl. To enter our contest just leave a comment on this post! We will choose a winner at random Monday morning.

When I was pregnant, I went in search of children’s books with positive messages about self-esteem and body image. Not surprisingly, they are a bit hard to find and so I was thrilled when I stumbled upon two books at Whole Foods that I fell in love with right away. They are the CAN DO Kid books written by Deborah Luster, a mom from California.

The first book is called “I Can Do Anything!”

 If 80 percent of all achievement is attitude, then two of the most confident and happy words to pass on to our children are “I CAN.” This 32-page beautiful picture book for young children reminds kids that they can do anything!

I can’t help but include a photo of my baby girl with her book!

The second book is called “I Am Happy Just the Way I am.”

In this book, the Can Do Kids get together again and discover that while they are all diverse, they are happy with their unique differences. Short, tall, large, small, dark or light…they are happy just the way they are.

They also have a variety of CAN DO Kid nutrition bars  that are tasty, wholesome, convenient and gluten-free! Adult-size energy bars can have up to 24 grams of protein, nearly an entire day’s requirements for kids. CAN DO Kid bars are formulated with just the right amount of protein and nutrients for growing bodies.

Winner of this contest will get one of the two books mentioned above along with 15 Can Do Kid nutrition bars! Post a comment below to be considered for this giveaway. Winner will be selected Monday morning.

If you don’t win and are interested in buying this stuff, head over to their online store!

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