I was at the store the other day with Nora and it seemed like every other person was making some comment about my “cute little boy.” Nora was wearing clothes purchased from the girls’ section of the store, albeit they weren’t pink. Apparently her appearance wasn’t overtly feminine enough to be recognized as a baby girl.

I chose not to correct anyone to indicate that Nora, in fact, was a girl, and just took the compliments in stride.

I feel like it puts people at ease to be able to immediately categorize a baby by their sex. It seems to make strangers uncomfortable when they need to search for context clues to determine whether a baby is a boy or girl. I find that, more often than not, the people I encounter desperately want to interact with the “cute baby” but are hesitant to do so when they can’t immediately determine her sex.

Frankly, I just don’t care that people mistake her for a baby boy. I don’t feel the need to dress her up in pink frills every day just to project to everyone else that she’s a girl.

What about other moms? Do you care if strangers mistake your child for a different sex when meeting them for the first time? Do you correct people, let it be, or choose some other course of action?

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