Like it or not, the holidays are upon us. I think Nate put it best as we walked through Target the other day, “Mommy, it’s so silly to have Christmas trees with the Halloween costumes!”. Yes, Nate, it IS silly…and frightening to think that in many ways, Christmas is around the corner. Maybe that’s why they put it with the Halloween stuff- the ultimate scare is the holidays, chugging along, full-speed ahead, while I still haven’t bought my trick-or-treater candy or raked a single leaf.

The holidays inevitably come with stress, even more so now that we have kids. Presents, baking, cleaning, traveling…I really do worry I spend so much time preparing and planning that I miss them entirely. So here are the activities I want to enjoy, no will enjoy, with my family:

  • Baking cookies with Nate
  • Taking a ride on the Essex Steam Train as a family
  • Teaching Nate about what it means to “give to others” by donating food and gifts to shelters and explaining why we do this
  • Reading Christmas books with the boys
  • Making cocoa and watching Christmas movies
  • Cutting down a real Christmas tree from a field
  • Helping Nate write his first letter to Santa
  • Watching the Thanksgiving Day parade with the boys while baking pies
  • Finally making it to the Mystic Seaport Lantern tour
I’d love more suggestions! Nate has already started asking when Thanksgiving is coming and when it will finally be Christmas, and I’m determined to enjoy the season and NOT stress.
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