Just a quick Follow Up on the Yay or Nay issue of the Flu shot for our family

(in case anyone was interested)

We took little man to the Allergist and YES he is allergic to Egg proteins –

which basically breaks down to all egg whites and thus some, not all thank the LORD, food.

We have to monitor his food and reactions and we have an Epi Jr pen just in case.

– Momma is hoping I never have to use that –


At  our visit to the Allergist, Dr Jeffrey Factor in West Hartford, we on the spot choose to give him the Flu shot there in the office so they could monitor if any reaction.  All went well – no reactions to the Flu shot, Thankfully.

But this little voice in the way back of my head is still asking me, “did I do the right thing or did I get pushed into it” at the Dr office. Too late now – we did it. 

Here’s hoping to an uneventful Flu season with little man!!!


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