Hi, I’m Kate Street and I’m so happy to be joining “CT Working Moms” for Magical Mondays! It’s an interesting day to be starting this role for a couple of reasons: firstly, most of CT is out of power due to that freak October snow-storm so most probably won’t even read this for a few days, and secondly…I’m not feeling all that magical right now!

I’m the Sparkle Fairy and have been writing a daily on-line gratitude list for over 2 years now…but listing daily magic does not mean that my life is wonderful all the time. Sometimes living with three small children is like living in a foreign land where I’m just trying to understand the language ~ and honestly right now I have NO IDEA what my three-year-old is saying, other than “NO” and “I’M NOT GONNA” and every other frustrating thing imaginable! And to be even more frank (and to risk judgment in my very first post!) I’ve yelled a little more than I’m comfortable with in the last 24 hours.

BUT the whole point of a daily gratitude list is to bring focus to the GOOD things in our lives. I’ve always believed that by focusing on the GOOD, I’ll bring more good into my life. So in light of that, I’m going to list at least 10 things I LOVE about my three-year-old. It seems challenging to me right now, but I’m betting I’ll feel better after I do. So here goes:

1.) I LOVE how much my 3 year old LOVES his baby brother ~ how even in the middle of a tantrum he can look at the baby and smile and be calmed. (And yes, I’m SURE he’s having some mixed feelings about this new addition which I’m trying to understand and work with!)

2.) I LOVE when he tells me “You’re the best Mama in the world!”

3.) I LOVE his cute little 3 year old voice.

4.) I LOVE how enthusiastic he still is about plants, animals, bugs, and nature ~ how he always wants to check on vegetables and flowers we’re growing.

5.)  I LOVE watching him play with his Ninja Legos for hours on end every single day!

(I’m half-way there, I hope I don’t run out ! 😉 )

6.) I LOVE his cute red hair and his beautiful blue eyes.

7.) I LOVE how, when I let him, he really helps me grow and stretch my mothering-comfort-zone.

8.) I LOVE watching him play with his older brother ~ and I love watching him alternate between following his lead and being the leader.

9.) I LOVE that special little smile he gives me to let me know he’s happy.

10.) I LOVE that sometimes he massages my arm as he goes to sleep.

Well, look at that! I reached 10 and I could go on! (And while I was writing this he came over and gave me one of those special smiles.)

This is such a great exercise to do with children or ANYONE who you’re having trouble with (husbands, mothers, bosses!) and it even works for things other than people…like WINTER! It helps you focus on the GOOD  which helps shift the vibe altogether. I’m not saying I’ll get through the rest of the day without yelling, but at least I’ve given myself a fighting chance!

Please join me and list 10 things about someone you LOVE or even someone/something you’re disliking at the moment. It can be very powerful and transformative. Here’s hoping so!!!

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