What a week, huh? Haven’t had power since Saturday and haven’t stayed in my own house since Sunday.  On Sunday night we stayed with a friend who has a working fire place and last night we were at our friend’s condo where there is still power, heat and tv!  Fortunately, we will be staying at this friend’s condo through Friday or until the power is turned back on, whichever is sooner.  If we don’t have power by then, which is unfortunately very likely, we will be off again to stay with whichever friends are willing to take me, my husband and our two year old in.

It is during times like these that I truly see how essential my role as Mom is. I’m the one who knows what it takes to keep our family functioning, i.e clothing needs, bathing needs, food needs, entertainment needs. I’m the one my son calls out for when he wakes up in the middle of the night confused to find himself somewhere other than in his bed.   I’m the one who keeps all of our family’s belongings fairly organized so as not to annoy our friends who have so kindly taken us in. And you know what, I’m exhausted, my brain is barely functioning and I just want some sleep.  But I’m at work, because as you all are fully aware, a my role as mom is just one of the hats I wear.

This mini disaster that has taken us out of our home has illustrated to me how organized we have become as a family.  My house and our routine work like a fine oiled machine.  You take us out of our routine and everthing just takes a lot more energy and effort.  I’m one of the lucky ones though, because I have a place to stay, our home is still safe (just cold), and we have gas in our car! I hope you and yours are hanging in there this week and I hope we all get a nap sometime real soon!

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