As the days begin to get shorter

I am questioning how on earth am I supposed to fit it all into one day anymore.

Okay maybe Im just getting sad

 that it will be dark

 by the time I cross the threshold

 into my house for the next several months!

Many of you know I have a new toddler – (yes my first) so any seasoned moms advice is Welcomed!

I am getting tired now at 4:30pm, I could use a refresher nap, and I still have sometime at the office than an hour commute home and then either I make dinner or the hubby [we trade on and off] but that doesn’t really give me a free pass – there is still, playing with little man, the ever-growing pile of laundry – although I swear I do more now than ever in my life and I can’t catch up.   Eat Dinner, then the  clean up after dinner cause we trade that duty too (aren’t we cute) , more wind down time for little one, bathtime – which lately is becoming more of a chore because I seem to get as wet as him yet im clothed and wet not fun!  Then our bedtime routine Daddy reads a book while mommy cleans up bathroom bathtime disaster tornado – LOL  then mommy reads another book, one final nursing and some rocking and signing / humming and hopefully if all goes well – stars are aligned – baby is responsive etc… he goes down for the evening.  Now usually it is somewhere between 9 – 10 I have him completely down and I am out of the nursery depending on the battle to go to sleep that night.   Now, I am too pooped to think about sweeping, mopping, dusting, – and don’t you dare say vacuum, I’m not waking the sleeping baby.  Never mind the other little chores that need to be done or thing about tomorrows work clothes, food, what we need to do / get / have for an event or upcoming thing we need to go to  – well you get the picture.  I just want to put on cozy pj’s and go flop next to my hubby on the couch for a moment before going to sleep for the night.

So, all in all, I guess I am asking how do you do it? 

 How do we keep those perfect little Good Housekeeping homes all tidy and running smooth, how do you have the energy or time to accomplish it all in one little 24 hour day?

A Tired Mommy!


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