On Sunday my family fled our powerless, freezing home, to stay with our good friends who were kind enough to take us in. We have been there ever since!

In a weak attempt to make up for the inconvenience that we have caused them, I have been grocery shopping every evening, attempting to bring home delicious food, and to prepare a good dinner.  The issue is that my friend eats only a gluten-free diet. On Monday I made gluten-free lasagna, Tuesday was chicken stew over brown rice, and Wednesday was gluten-free quiche. I’m fresh out of ideas, and I heard that power may not be restored until next Tuesday!

Please, please, send any advice that you have for gluten-free dinners that would serve four adults and four children (under four), which are relatively easy to make.

Thank you for your ideas and please keep your fingers for the lights to come back on soon!

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