In a recent post, Dr. Peggy Drexler highlights some interesting trends:

  • In two income families, 26% of women made more than their male partner, up from 17.8 two decades ago;
  • There are more women in the workforce than men (some would argue a result of manufacturing and construction jobs being depeted during the recession), but still in past recessions women have never done better in terms of job retention than men; and
  • With the flow of female graduates out of professional schools, and the fact that they already make up half of middle management positions, there is every reason to assume that the trend will continue.

Dr. Drexer does address the wage gap and that high level executives are still disproportionately men, but her main point is that as we have more women entering the workforce and rising toward top leadership positions than ever before and what will this mean for families?

“One issue emerging in the inevitability of the female rise to power is what it means to those who have held that power throughout time. This has never happened before. We simply don’t know what it means or where it will take us.

Can men evolve psychologically to match how women have evolved financially? We have eons of emotional wiring to unravel here.”

How do you balance work and family in your house? What do you think the future will look like?

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