I’m on the fly today as we head off on our Thanksgiving vacation ~ so just a quick list of simple magic, which is often the BEST anyway!

* We’re heading to Boston today to meet our new DOG! (Wanna see her? She’s “rockstar gorgeous”!)

* Handling my 3 year old’s (daily) tantrums with MUCH grace and unconditional love (insert “patting-myself-on-back” smilie).

* Continuing to give my BELOVED hubby a massage every night and our LOVE is continuing to expand!

* My 3 month old baby who DELIGHTS us every morning with his “morning-smile-sessions” and his pillow talk. 🙂

* My 6 year old…who is just plain cool (and magnificent to boot!)

* Hamburger stroganoff ~ one of my fav’s. 🙂

* Double chocolate brownies ~ another fav!

* Looking forward to seeing family for Thanksgiving ~ and have all 6 little cousins together.

What’s so magical about your Monday?

Happy Thanksgiving!

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