As a UCONN alum, I love going to football games and basketball games.  As a mother, I’m realistic.  When Don was just a baby, going to games was still an option because he couldn’t move and slept for most of the time.  But from 1-2 years, it was nearly impossible, so we just stopped trying.  Don loves to run…which is a good thing, but his curious nature can be terrifying in large groups of people and certainly isn’t good when you’re expected to sit and watch something, i.e. a sporting event. 

This weekend we were offered last minute tickets to the UCONN Football game. The weather was fantastic (65 degrees and no wind) so I agreed to go and prepared my pregnant self for an afternoon of chasing Don through the tailgate and walking him around the stadium during the game.  To my incredible surprise, Don was able to hang out with us and engage in tailgate games (throwing the football and tossing the bean bags) and during the game, he went on two walks, but he also loved watching the band and talking about the players and what he saw on the field.

We won’t make sporting events a regular weekend activity, but it’s nice to know that he is able to join in something both me and his Dad love.  Plus, hearing him talk about the “Husky Doggie” is just too cute for words.

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