5:30 am – I am naturally awakened by my new biological mom-clock that says it’s time to wake up and make breakfast, iron the laundry, take a shower, prepare your daughter’s meals for the day, and enjoy a few minutes of quiet before your darling husband and daughter awaken and I cant get anything done. 

And leave for work by 8 am.

I ignore it and fall back in to a deep sleep.

7:15 am – Oh cr*p!!!! Now I have 45 minutes to do all of the above, plus hubby is awake and needs to take a shower. And little bright-eyed sweet pea is attached to my hip and wants to play.

Hurricane of activity ensues – flying coffee mugs, tossing clothes trying to find something acceptable without banana or snot on it, baby crying because she wants mama to hold her as I try to make scrambled eggs.  I scrape together leftovers from the night before and choose good ole stand-by’s like applesauce and avocado for Mia to  snack on.  Forget about ironing.  I barely get a 30 second shower in.

8:00 am – A ring at the door.  It’s Mia’s new babysitter, looking a little pale. “Guess she’s not a morning person,” I think to myself.  Several minutes later, I’m kissing Mia for the fourth time and I’m off to work.

8:30 am – I am amazed I made it to work on time.  Feeling proud of myself.

9:18 am – Text from the babysitter. “Mia is doing good….but I just went to the bathroom and got sick….”

9:19 am – Frantically calling, texting hubby so he could relieve sick babysitter and now possibly sick baby. No answer. I just started a new job and have zero sick or personal leave. My boss is in a meeting and I cannot interrupt. 

9:45 am – 5 texts and 12 unanswered phone calls by my husband and his staff, so I take matters in to my own hands and leave to retrieve my daughter. Thankfully a kind co-worker agreed to cover for me.

10:17 am – No sooner do I buckle my child in her car seat so I can take her to another babysitter who was thankfully free, my husband texts “I’m on my way home.” ” Don’t bother!” I reply. “You are in the dog house,” I further reply. I feel bad about it, knowing it’s not his fault. Life is never easy.

11:00 am – I have a headache. I am back at my desk, cursing this day and wondering how I am ever going to pull-off being a working mom. But feeling proud of the fact it seemed no one noticed I was even gone. 

5:10 pm – I come home to a husband doing dishes and feeding my baby who is thrilled to see me. He also made me dinner and fixed me my favorite holiday treat – Egg nog with a shot of vodka!

6:00 pm – Dinner, play time, bath time, play time. Baby falls asleep and I can now work on my second job in real estate helping a young energetic woman find her first home.

11:00 pm – on the verge of falling asleep, I replay the activities, stresses, and emotions of the day in my head. I remind myself that life is never easy. But LOVE is. And it’s the only thing to help you make it through. Be good to the ones you love.

I kiss my beloved husband and baby good night and realize everything I do is for a better life for my family. I fall asleep knowing that it will all begin again tomorrow.

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