You may remember that I took a mommy and me Zumba class earlier this fall. It was great! Some moms came on their own, but most brought their babies or young kids to move and groove with them. I like this twist – unlike a gym that may offer child care while mom gets a workout in, at mommy and me Zumba the kids were encouraged to jump right in and participate as well. What a great example to set for our children! My daughter got to see me being active and doing something good for my body, and the class was flexible and understanding so that I could pop in and out of the routine to care for her as needed.

Well, My Fit Mommy is at it again and will be offering another Zumba class this winter. Plus, they’ve started a mommy and me yoga class as well!

If you’re looking for an opportunity to get back into shape post-baby these now is your chance! Spots are still open for their winter classes.

Zumba or yoga not your cup of tea? My Fit Mommy also offers stroller fitness classes and a running club!

I haven’t been compensated in any way to talk up these services- I’m just one happy momma who likes what they have to offer!

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