I live by lists.  I have a household list running at all times, naming items that I need to pick up at the store and stuff that I need to do such as dropping off the dry cleaning or returning library books.  I have lists at work, of files I need to look at, people I need to call back, deadlines, and the like.  With Christmas approaching, I now have gift lists for the holidays  and lists of foods that I need to make for parties and gatherings.  This may sound organized but don’t let me fool you, my household lists are often scribbled on small monkey-shaped paper or scraps from the mail and they almost always end up lost.  Lists for work are generally more successful. 

I guess my point is that I often feel like I am living list by list and I am almost always worried about stuff that needs to get done.  My thoughts are constantly occupied with things that I need to do and obligations that I have as a mom and attorney, and therefore I rarely have time to take it all in and just be grateful for my life.   So, with the New Year just around the corner and since my life sometimes can seem to be little more than one tedious list after another, I decided to take a few minutes to reflect  and write down some of my favorite memories from 2011, the highlights of my year (in no particular order because they are all great!).

 1) Feeling proud about successfully potty-training my oldest daughter, making life so much easier and saving some cash on diapers (looking forward to ditching the pull-ups for nighttime sometime in 2012)

2) Deciding to stay in our starter home and build an addition rather than buying a new house

3) Renovating! (looking forward to finishing the addition in 2012!)

4) Watching my girls grow and getting to know our newest member of the family!

5) Weekend getaway with my husband to the Whites in New Hampshire

6) Making new friends with good people

7) Family summer vacation to Watch Hill, RI – we had so much fun!

8) Preparing for and riding out 2 crazy storms and living to tell the stories with only a thousand or so broken tree limbs!

It’s always refreshing to take a breath and think about the good things in your life.  Making lists might help me remember all the daily tasks that I need to do but happy memories help me remember what life is all about and this is one list that I enjoyed writing.  Take a moment when you can.

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