Spilling Secrets!

Today is a VERY SPECIAL edition of Magical Mondays because TODAY we’re doing TRUE CONFESSIONS! I started doing “True Confessions” on my blog “My Everyday Magic” last year and it’s always one of the most popular posts ~ I think it’s because we get to see each other being genuinely human, so it gives us a chance to embrace our imperfections and lighten the load a bit. If you like today’s post and want to read more (sometimes beautiful, sometimes brutal) True Confessions, jump on over to “My Everyday Magic” where you’ll find 8 pages of heart-warming and heart-breakingly funny deep dark secrets!

P.S. If you do head on over there, you’ll find that some of my confessions here are redundant…but that’s because I’ve unleashed ALL my dirty little secrets! (No chances of black-mailing me! πŸ˜‰ )

P.P.S. If you’re wondering WHAT this has to do with Magic, then you’ll just have to post and discover for yourself the AMAZING sense of liberation and FREEDOM that comes with bringing to light what you’ve been hiding away. So without further delay…..

My True Confessions

* Even though I’ve gotten MUCH better and am working to get EVEN better, I still yell at my children on a weekly basis (mostly my 3 year old….okay, almost ENTIRELY my 3 year old!). The last time I yelled at him I immediately apologized saying “I know there is a better way to react, but I don’t know what that is right now.” And as I try to figure it out, I have to be honest and say….I still yell (and sometimes still LIKE it!)

* I LIKE McDonald’s!!! We eat there every time we go on a road trip and I REALLY look forward to it!

* Today in the shower I not only shaved my armpits and legs, I shaved the tops of my feet and my big toes! (Oh, I’m giggling as I write this. The body hair confessions always crack me up!)

* I LIKE how my baby stinks!!! While they’re still exclusively breastfed, I think baby poo smells almost sweet…and well, yup, I LIKE IT!!

* I LIKE picking at my baby ~ his ears, his eye-goop, his boogers, and his cradle cap. (Ohhh, I KNOW you like it too!!!!)

* I only stopped picking at my husband (mostly his ears) when we started having babies!

* The whole first year after my second son was born I found myself often saying “I’m not cut out for this!” It’s not until NOW with my third child that I really feel like I’m getting the hang of this parenting thing!

* My household plays A LOT of video games! This morning my 3 year old got up at 5:30 am with me and baby and he immediately went to play Super Mario Brothers. And I’m FINE with that!!!

* I have a chocolate stash in my underwear drawer that no one knows about! (Well, my hubby knows about it, but also knows better than to go pawing through it!)

* I have this one long hair that grows in-between my eye-brows that I always have to pluck! (giggling again)

OH MY! This is so much fun! Once you get started, you just want to keep going!!! Join me in the laughter and use today to LIBERATE yourself with some True Confessions!

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