I’ve always wanted a daughter and last Monday I found out that my wish came true! My husband, son and I will be welcoming Edith this April and I can’t wait.

If I could do it all over again I would be a decorator, so obviously I immediately started looking at bedding for baby girls and planning for how I would decorate the nursery.  To my surprise (and horror) the majority of the bedding for baby girls is pastel and when it comes to animals, butterflies and lady bugs dominate the scene…except for the occasional leopard and cheetah pattern!?!

I will preface this by saying that I received my undergraduate degree in Women’s Studies and am a self proclaimed feminist.  But with that being said, to each their own.  If you like pastel and butterflies…more power to you.  I’m a primary color type of gal myself and am really in the market for a theme that incorporates a shade of purple and maybe the alphabet or numbers…I haven’t decided yet.  I guess I was just so taken aback at the pastel vs. primary color. When I shopped for my son, Don, all of the bedding came in primary colors.

I think I’m also taken aback by being  overwhelmed by items marketed to baby girls vs. baby boys.  The majority of my son’s baby clothing had some sports theme attached to them, but that didn’t bother me so much.  But when I entered the baby gap to shop for my new little girl, I was frozen by the pink and startled to find ballet themed onesies everywhere.

I suppose I will just take this one day at a time and not allow myself to freak out, but I am definitely finding this a little bit challenging.  Does anyone else understand this? Any suggestions or thoughts?

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