A book with this title has been sitting in my Amazon shopping cart for months now. Why? Because I truly believe in this statement (and want to read the book, if I can ever find the time).

I’m a big advocate of spending my free time with my family, rather than obsessing about achieving a certain level of cleanliness around the house – haven’t we all heard a saying like, your kids won’t remember how clean the house was, they’ll remember that you did X, Y or Z with them? (Okay, so that was a serious paraphrase, but I hope you know what I’m talking about.)

Still, the reality of having a soon-to-be-crawler is setting in, and I spend a lot of time now on the floor playing at baby-level. I’ve begun to notice the until-now neglected areas of my home – like the dusty space under my radiators where the vacuum doesn’t quite reach. Pretty soon I’ll have to be vigilant about coralling the food that spills from the cat’s bowl on to the kitchen floor; after all, while we’ve started expanding our daughter’s palate, I don’t see cat food on her pediatrician’s approved list of solid food.

And, admittedly, our house has become somewhat of a disaster zone since our daughter was born. I’m embarassed to admit the areas of my house that have gone untouched since we brought her home 7 months ago. Forget about managing upkeep on the house; what I needed first was a major overhaul.

My super sweet sister agreed to watch Nora for a few hours last week while I would scrub and organize like mad to bring our house back to square one. Who was I kidding? The state of our house was worse than I expected, and in a few hours’ time I managed to disinfect one room only. Still it felt like an accomplishment, even if I now need to find the time to whip the rest of the house into shape.

And once I manage that, how to keep the house in tip top shape? I can tell you I don’t ever want to deal with that type of mess again. I’ll take my cleaning in small bits spread throughout the week, please and thank you. I was determined to devise a plan that would be reasonable for our family and lifestyle.

Now, what I came up with isn’t original. With a few minutes and Google’s help, I found blog upon blog of uber-organized people who have already put so much thought into this. Gotta love that. I’ve decided to adopt a daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly plan. You make a checklist of tasks to do daily, weekly, every month, each quarter, and once a year. To me, this makes the daunting task of cleaning and organizing an entire house seem bite-sized enough to be manageable. A couple of sites that helped a lot, if you want to check them out yourself:



Does anyone do this already and have some advice? Or, let me know what other methods work for you to keep your home clean. I’m on a mission! I’ll be sure to blog about how well this goes in the coming months…

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