If you are looking to add a new twist to an old favorite, then I have a great recipe for you to try!  Before finding  this recipe , I could take or leave green bean casserole.  It was on the table at all major holiday meals and quite honestly, I did not understand why.  Then, I made this recipe (what has now become “my” green bean casserole) and soon I had a new favorite side dish.  It’s a little exta work but well worth it.  Cutting the beans in half lengthwise can be tedious but I do not recommend skipping it as I tried that once and the casserole did not taste as good.  This dish will work best at a meal where there are lots of sides to choose from as eating a large serving might sit kind of heavy.  I did make this once with broccoli because fresh green beans were not available at the market and it turned out okay.  I would highly recommend this recipe for anyone who enjoys a good casserole dish.

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