Okay, so I’m feeling a little stressed and harried (and hurried!) this morning, feeling like I have TOO much to do before Christmas. What a PERFECT time to breathe…..and appreciate the little things, right?

My Magic this Monday:

* Knowing I’ll have time to do all I need to do this week…especially once I get organized!

* Even though yesterday was a crappy day it started well and ended well. 🙂

* Knowing I have running as an outlet if I REALLY start to lose it!

* Eating copious amounts of cookies and still losing weight (thank you, breastfeeding!) 😉

* A playdate planned for my 6 year old today ~ which will be soooo good for him, as he needs time away from his little 3 year old brother. 😉

* Hubby running fun errands with me and the 2 littlest boys today.

* Feeding my boys leftover tacos this morning for breakfast!

* My baby who smiles and smiles and smiles when he wakes up in the morning ~ and everyone piling into the bed to witness it. 🙂


* Committing to slowing down enough to ENJOY this week….knowing everything will fall into place beautifully! And so it is! 🙂

What’s so magical about your Monday?

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