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Today’s Giveaway

This is a special week for giveaways here at CT Working Moms. Today we are giving away a beautiful piece of jewelry made by Tracy Weed of West Hartford. Not only is Tracy giving away today’s item – she is also the woman behind this weeks freebie friday giveaway (which is our biggest one yet – DO NOT MISS IT).

While you wait with tremendous excitement for friday, try to win this very pretty necklace! The most unique feature about it is that is can be worn at a super long length as well as folded in half and worn as it’s shown in the picture. It’s made with glass and metal beads.

Tracy is incredibly talented and says this about her foray into jewelry making:

“Jewelry designing is my newest adventure in the crafting world, and I love it. I can sit in my craft studio for hours just looking at my beads and dreaming up designs. It’s only when the sun starts to go down that I realize I’ve been up there all day and haven’t actually made anything! I am especially influenced by vintage pieces, anything victorian through the 1960’s, and like to incorporate as much of those objects into my work as I can. I love the idea of taking an unwearable piece of jewelry that was once loved and giving it a new life so that it can be loved again. I believe jewelry is the best pick me up you can buy for yourself – it’s generally an inexpensive treat, and you feel better about yourself when you are wearing something pretty. May my jewelry bring you joy…and compliments!”

Please check out her etsy shop and buy, buy, buy!

Here’s a hint for friday’s freebie: it’s not something listed in her etsy shop and it isn’t jewelry! Check back!!

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