So, you’ve been waiting all week to find out what our freebie friday giveaway is going to be, right?! We will not disappoint.

Tracy Weed, who donated the gorgeous necklace we gave out earlier this week, is also a professional photographer (Tweed Photography in Simsbury, CT). The lucky winner of Freebie Friday this week will receive a complimentary sitting with a $50 print credit (a $175 value). This sitting can be for an engagement, pregnancy, children’s photos or for your whole family and can be at the studio or outdoors on location. Tracy’s only request is that the winner makes a consultation appointment before the actual sitting (this is also free).

YES, you read that right. If you win today you will get a FREE photo session and a $50 print credit.

Post a comment on this blog to enter. Winner will be selected Monday morning!

Want to learn a little more about the very talented Tracy?

“I come from a long line crafters. My great grandmother was a dress maker in the early 1900s. Her daughter, my grandmother was the queen of crafters. She sewed, she knitted, she was a floral arranger extraordinaire…to the point where she even grew and dried her own flowers for her arrangements. I remember as a child being fascinated by her walk up attic, which held thousands of treasures…hundreds of yards of fabric, little tiny vases bought at tag sales for her flower arrangements, a dazzling array of buttons…I could get lost up there for hours. To me, it was paradise. To my mother, it was a lot of junk to get rid of when my grandmother died. I still remember coming home from school one afternoon to see boxes flying out the attic window. Apparently, Mom had gotten tired of walking up and down three flights of stairs.

The floral arranging talent was passed on to my mother, who can make an arrangement and indeed, decorate a whole room with her eyes closed…though if you asked her, she’d say she’s not talented. The sewing skills went on to my sister, who makes amazing quilts. Me? Well…I kinda do it all.”

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