Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all bloggers and readers! Thank you for reading and contributing to this wonderful site. This Connecticut working mom has taken some time off and traveled to Vermont to celebrate with her family, where we will be enjoying a white Christmas…enjoy my Christmas-week post!

With the holiday season fully upon us, I was recently hosting friends for dinner, and while I was peeling potatoes I thought of my Mom and some of my wonderful childhood memories of Christmas:

·Hiking into the woods to cut down our Christmas tree

·Decorating our tree with shiny, ugly, blue balls that my parents had bought during their first Christmas together

·Listening to Alabama Christmas on our record player

·Making cookies and peanut rolls with my Mom, Nana and Mimi

·Opening my yearly Christmas book on Christmas Eve

·Participating in the Christmas pageant at church on Christmas Eve

·Travelling to my grandparents for a delicious turkey dinner and presents

·Driving home late at night and rushing home to go to sleep so Santa wouldn’t skip over my house

·Waking up on Christmas morning to see our beautiful tree and presents that Santa had left the night before

·Laying by the fire place with my new toys while my Mom made breakfast

·Eating delicious food at my Nana’s house on Christmas afternoon.

Because I have so many wonderful holiday memories I want to make certain that I create memorable traditions and special memories for my children.  

Now back to the potatoes…While I was peeling potatoes in anticipation of dinner with friends, I began thinking of some of the things I do in my adult life because of my Mom, silly things that I do differently because of how my Mom did them. My Mom never boiled her mashed potatoes long enough to get out all the lumps, and she never added sour cream. Because of this, I over boil my potatoes and add tons of sour cream and shredded cheese. Here are some other things I always make sure to do, and I have my Mother to thank for it:

v Always have cream cheese with bagels

v Always serve white fish with tarter sauce

v Only have chicken once a week

v Never hang my laundry outside on the line

v Always make certain the guest bedroom has sheets on it

v Save my laundry till the weekend

v Don’t pack embarrassing lunches for my daughters

v Refuse to cut bangs on either one of my girls

v Avoid frilly dresses

v Never buy orange juice with pulp.

There are countless ways that I aspire to be more like my Mom. However, some of her little quirks clearly made an impression on me, and as an adult I make sure not to repeat them.  I’m very aware, that as a mother, I will annoy my own children. As a matter of fact, I might be bothering them already, because I’m currently not allowed in the toy room!

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